Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yellow Cab

We ate pizza at a newly opened pizza place called Yellow Cab at a mall in Davao City. I had no idea that it was my idea that bought all eight of us to that place. By eight, I mean, my brother, my cousin, my sister and four of my sister’s colleagues. I just read on the newspaper that Yellow Cab had opened. It sounded like a great idea to visit the place. I just sent a text message to my sister. She sent a text message to one of her colleagues. Her colleague probably sent a text message to another colleague and there we were. We were eating pizza al fresco in a secluded mall.
I’ve tasted the Yellow Cab pizza in Manila a couple of months ago. The pizza wasn’t that greasy and it was rather tasty. But as far as pizzas go, it still tastes like a pizza although it is slighty more expensive than the other pizzas that we like to order. But in terms of satiety, I give it an eight or a nine. Other pizzas leave you with a feeling of wanting more. This pizza makes you so full that you’ll feel like crawling back to your car afterwards. In terms of taste, I give it a seven or a six depending on the flavor.
We had orderd one 14-inch New York special and one 14-inch sampler. We paired it with canned Coca Cola. I sampled three or four pizza flavors in one evening. I can’t say I remember the distinct taste of each. All I can remember is the texture ( it was slightly crunch ), the taste ( it was salty and spicy ) and the smell ( it had garlicky cheesy smell ).
The conversations that we had was rather sparse. I think people were too busy to slice through their pizza and put it in their mouths to talk about politics or the recent Newsweek debacle. Few words were exchanged.
I passed around breath mints afterwards. For some odd reason, my sister’s colleagues didn’t want one. We all needed it since the pizza left a strong smell of anchovies, cheese and garlic in our mouths. I took a couple of breathmints although I’m sure it only had a temporary effect of masking the stench.
People were probably distracted or what, but we all left silently afterwards. After we vacated our seats, some eager customers took our place.
I’m so full right now that all I want to do is sleep. But since I’m a certified insomniac, I’ll probably be sleeping much later.

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