Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Be Serious!

You will notice something about weak people.
They use weak language!

They use certain words a lot … like "TRY" …
"I'll TRY to lose weight."
"I'll TRY to get out of debt."

The minute someone says, "I'll TRY",
you know that they are only half serious.

When friends say, "I'll TRY to be there",
you know they won't show up!

Our words tell people how determined we are.

Parents who tell their children,
"TRY to be quiet!"
"TRY to behave!"
aren’t serious!
So what do their kids do?
Whatever they want!

Instead of telling your children - or your staff -
"You must TRY ...", say "You must DO IT!"

Instead of telling yourself "I'LL TRY", tell yourself "I WILL!"
It is challenging - and it will get you much better results …
"I WILL finish this."
"I WILL be happy!"

"I’LL TRY" says, "I'll do this thing if it isn’t too hard."
"I WILL" says, "I’ll do this thing whatever it takes."

This is not a detail.
It's the difference between "casual" and "committed".
Often, it's the difference between success and failure.

If you want people to believe in you -
and if you want to believe in yourself -
you have to sound serious!

Your words shape your future.

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